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Citizens League for Environmental Action Now

808 Travis. #1429, Houston, TX 77002

phone: (214) 354-5977 · email: infoATcleanhouston.org


Climate Change: Doing What We Can to Avoid Worst Case Scenarios and Preparing for Rough Weather Ahead

Reports out this month reveal that we have passed a point of no return regarding climate change. The future will bring extreme heat, drought, rising sea levels and other catastrophic weather events due to climate change.

Photo by Jim Olive

A decade of providing news, information and education about the global and local environmental issues of our time



A Courageous Voice for Environmental Action Leaves Us . . . with Work to Do
No Time to Waste

Jane Dale Owen, founder and president of Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN), died in June. The world has lost a courageous human being who cared deeply about the health and well-being of others.