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Citizens League for Environmental Action Now

720 North Post Oaks Rd. # 265, Houston, TX 77024

phone: (214) 354-5977 · email: infoATcleanhouston.org


Jacqueline Young: Health Struggle Provides Inspiration for Environmental Action

“2011 was the worst year of my life," says Jacquelyn Young. I literally fought for my life.” She was having seven seizures a week and completely lost the use of her hands. Doctors conducted all kinds of tests and still couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. It was Young’s own investigation and the keen observation of her professor that helped her understand her illness and begin to regain her health and a new life as an environmental activist.

Photo by Jim Olive

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Worker Safety in Refineries and Chemical Plants: Where’s the Accountability

Accidents and toxic exposures are the hazards refinery and chemical plant workers face when they go to work every day. Even though dramatic news reports dramatically remind us that horrible accidents do happen all too frequently, accountability for worker safety is hard to find.